Gilchrist Department Store

On November 12, 1948, Gilchrist celebrated the opening of their finest suburban store in downtown Framingham on the corner of Concord and Howard St. Gilchrists was a shiny glass and chrome, modern deluxe store, not a favorite for the kids. Parents would have to promise a visit to Newberries toy department across the street, in order to keep the kids from fidgeting and complaining.



 Called "A complete department store. Everything to wear for men, women, misses, juniors, teens, boys, girls, tots, infants. Everything for the home. Furniture, rugs, curtains, lamps, housewares, etc. Toys, candy, gifts, and more!"

"Features included 17 fitting rooms, air conditioned, free parking in the rear, across the street from the bus terminal and around the corner from the railroad station."


When Gilchrist made the decision to open in downtown, two years before the announcement by Suburban to build Shoppers World, it meant that Jordan Marsh had the opportunity to anchor the coming new mall and the 106 year history of a successful Gilchrists was going to begin it's decline.